PRODUCTS | Hydraulic Oil Tanks | Round/Saddle Mount

OPTIMA Ref. No. DIA. (mm) Length(mm) Volume(LT)
OPRT130 6045 605 450 130
OPRT160 6055 605 550 160
OPRT200 6070 605 700 200
OPRT230 6077 605 770 230
OPRT740 60266    605 2660 740
OPRT200 6860     680 600 200
OPRT250 6875     680 750 250
OPRT810 68230     680 2300 810

Hydraulic tanks include filler neck and filler cap, level indicator, valve plate, return filter, brackets, and inox steel straps.
P/S: Special lengths available on request

Aluminum Saddlemount Tanks: A4500-2S90, A4500-ST, A45100-2S90, A45100-ST, A4525-2STRF, A4525-DS90-ST, A4525-ST, A4535-2STRF, A4535-DS90-ST, A4535-ST, A4575-2S90-ST, A4575-ST, AR22100, AR2235, AR2250, AR2275, AR85100, AR8535, AR8550, AR8575, 
Steel Saddlemount Tanks: A3500-2S90-ST, A3500-ST, A35100-2S90, A35100-ST, A3525-2STRF, A3525-DS90-ST, A3525-ST, A3535-2STRF, A3535-DS90, A3535-ST, A3575-2S90, A3575-ST, 
Aluminum/Steel Sidemount A4150, A4107, A3100, A3107, A3150, A315SL, A3250, A325SL, A3300, A330SL, A338SL, A3400, 
Aluminum Upright Tanks: A4070-ST, A4035-ST, A40100-STRF, A4000-ST, ATT4050, ATT4070, ATT4072, ATT4075, ATT4088, ATT4090, ATT41020, ATT41120, 
Steel Upright Tanks: A3000-2STRF, A3000-ST, A30100-ST, A3035-2ST, A3070-2ST, 
SMC50A, SMC35A, A3525, WAA4500, WAA4000, A-4525-SS, SMC70A, A-4535-SS, A4535-DS90-ST-SS, A-4500-SS, A4560-ST-SS, A-4575-SS, SS A-4525,SS A4535 Hydraulic Tank / Reservoir, SS S-19215, SS S-10253, SS S10256, SS A3575, Aluminum Saddlemount 50 Gallon Hydraulic Tank, 35 gallon aluminum reservoir, 50 gallon aluminum reservoir, 70 gallon aluminum reservoir.