PRODUCTS | Custom-made tanks

We specialize in engineering, designing, and manufacturing custom-built hydraulic oil and diesel-fuel tanks, as well as welding parts, for use in any industry or application. Manufactured specifically according to customer requirements, Optima special tanks are characterized by high quality, individual solutions, and process-optimized production. We implement your specifications in all desired materials and wall thicknesses - Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Steel materials 

Such as;

  • Aluminum Expansion Tanks
  • Stainless Still Tanks
  • Tanks for mounting behind the cabin for long haul trucks (heavy haulage truck)
  • Aluminium Hydraulic Tank.Tailor-made for maximum volume. Tank design according to customer requirements, mounted on integrated brackets. Tank for mobile cranes 
  • Aluminium Special Tank. Custom made for maximum volume. Tank design for military vehicles. The tank is mounted with integrated brackets
  • Aluminum water tank for concrete mix vehicles mounted behind the cab. 
  • Steel Hydraulic Tank: Mounted by screws at the top of the tank on the bus. Mounted with circular brackets on the freezing trailers
  • Steel Expansion Vessel: Stainless steel application for buses & coaches
  • Def/AdBlue, Urea, and  as well
  • Cranes MU111456001, MU111456002, 3396517, 3396525, 5937337, 5937272, 5937001, 5940630, 5938066, 5938911, 5945101, 5945291, 5939101, 5947981, 5948872, 5940800, 5940729, 5941407, 5945470, 5937825, 5937094, 5937906, 5941202, 5936985, 5940885, 5941300, 5941555, 5941601